Sample Essay

The VSM describes the crucial capabilities for QP that constitutes the viability of units, divisions, international structures and the whole organization. This methodology can effectively applied for diagnosing, designing, regulating and developing activities for all the systems and subsystems present in the company. The proposed variations in the model will help the organization to rectify the organizational structure in a meaningful way, in order to achieve goals by facilitating individual units to set their primary goals.

The challenges faced by the corporation in establishing systems thinking is limited vision, conservative  culture, and lack of appropriate technology, it can obstruct going forward but the companies need to move on as may be the future will answer the problems which are unsolved today. So it is suggested that Qatar Petroleum has to acknowledge its limitations and carry out careful research and always critically analyze the outcomes of enforced decisions in order to learn for the future. From the above example it is observed that the five structural components of the VSM has positive influence on the viability of operations division, as each individual hypothesis for all five systems had confirmed and total structure of the VSM can be applied to our system. However, it has been seen that strategic management in system 4 has the most positive and significant influence on the selected metaphors. The present study makes the VSM accessible for QP and contributes substantially to overcome criticism.

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