Sample Essay

Core Identity

Offer best quality services to business travelers seeking low-cost, direct transfers, with the innovation and facilities synonymous with Virgin group.

Product Thrust: Cost-Effectiveness, high-end services

User Profile: Business Travelers

Performance: Quick travel, easy baggage handling

Value: Local airline

Extended Identity

Personality: Rebellious, free-spirited and attractive

Relationship: Energetic

Tag Line: “Get What You Want”


Sponsors – South Sydney Rabbitohs,BrisbaneBullets

Official sponsor of the Australian National Basketball League (Virgin Blue, 2008)

Value Proposition

Functional Benefit: Low-cost, quick travel services. Targeted around the customer’s level of satisfaction and affordability

Emotional Benefit: Exploring the rebellious side of the Australians, being free-spirited and building a strong bond with them through sponsorships of sports

Self Expressive / Symbolic Benefits: Virgin Group and Sir Richard Branson, highly renowned for his rebelliousness, free-spirit and willingness to try new things.

Credibility: Challenge to convention

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