Sample Essay

Human beings differ in their pursuit for pleasure in that they have a sense of morality, dignity, pride that they associate with their actions. Humans are different than animals in that they seek not only basic pleasures such as hunger, thirst, and sex etc. rather being intellectually guided to pursue higher pleasures not bounded by mere physical boundaries. Very rarely do any human would agree to move to a lower standard and become satisfied with only the basic animal instincts fulfilled. A human being might choose to adopt discomfort, suffering and agony to reach higher levels of satisfaction rather than accepting of lower moral and ‘human’ standards to them.

It is also in our nature to become easily dissatisfied. But the author argues that those dissatisfied or working to achieve higher levels of satisfaction can actually achieve it. We may, at different stages not notice that there is a very fine line between happiness and content. Being contented does not mean being happy. It is also important to note that people pursue happiness not only due to quality or quantity, but also based on the means through which it is achieved. Happiness is only achieved in its entirety, if the ends result in complete satisfaction and the effective utilization of resources, and the absence of pain.

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