Sample Essay

An organization may use Web 2.0 to provide capabilities to its consumers by sending invitations to generate advertisements and marketing collateral for the company’s products, as well as cast in their votes on favoured proposed advertisements. This can help organizations to gauge consumers by making them heavily engaged in their brands by allowing them to create content for it. This can also act as a leading enabler for companies to receive widespread consumer feedback by allowing a large number to rate proposed advertisements.

This may present legal and ethical concerns of their own, since by putting consumers in charge of the brand and related messages, creating issues of ownership of the various forms of contents in the provided campaigns. On the other hand, issue of the relative suitability of such information is also of major concern. With employees encouraged to participate in marketing campaigns and advertising, this may become difficult for an organization to ensure that the information it is sharing with its employees is confidential and not released to its competitors. Simultaneously, although such ideas gathered from employees are the property of the organization itself, policies, if not strictly enforced may lead to the employees changing loyalties with the company to work for its competitors and presenting them with the same ideas, resulting in largely ethical and legal consequences for both.

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