Sample Essay

Managers in these companies can create discipline of working with mental models, in order to retrieve effective work force and to judge expatriate worker before laying them off. This practice starts with learning to unearth their internal thinking about the world to the surface and hold them thoroughly to inspection. It also emphasizes managers to carry on useful and truthful conversations that balance their thought patterns, and enhance inquiry and advocacy (Senge, 1990, p. 45). When workers expose their own thinking effectively and make that thinking open to the influence of managers, they can be used in effective manners in future, and can replace if any threat arises in future. As the market instabilities revealed, the GCC states may be enforced to incise their programs like Dubai’s property development projects and Saudi Arabia’s oil refineries construction.

But in the long run, these programs can be rescheduled, and workforce can be provided with other options, as their massive oil reserves serve in the future. In all financial discipline, the expatriates’ participation should be increased so that they become an integral part of decision making processes. Personal files also to be maintained and revised from time to time in order to track the changes in behaviors, their associations within or outside the company should also be monitored to reduced the security threats as a result of laying off these employees.

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