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Forensics tools also help organizations to have immediate recovery from the damage that has been done. If an organization employ forensic toolkits its high probability that the data it might loss due to intrusion and change/removal would not cause it much damage. For the prevention and detection of hacking attacks having specialized forensic software works best.

This includes intrusion detection system, intrusion prevention system and other forensic software. Computer Forensics has made a transition from a ‘black art’ practiced by a few experts to a required component of information security enterprise and technological innovation has made a route for the evolution of Computer Forensics as a technical process having proactive computer investigations  and incident response. Increasing cyber crime requires security technologies that can stay one step ahead of criminals. Corporations employing Computer Forensics and incident response solutions are capable of investigating the cause of any incident.

Large product distributors like Microsoft and others should focus on making their products more and more secure. By trials and tests before launching into the markets which is otherwise to what has been practiced by these vendors.

Companies that have a lot of data using VoIP (voice over IP) transmission channel should stay careful about eavesdropping and information leakage. Industries should be alert that not only their client’s information is at stake but also their corporate secrets are a point of interests for their competitors which they could easily access by employing a handful of hackers. Lastly government laws and strict actions against wrong doers should be taken across the globe and penalties should be such that they create an atmosphere of fear for potential criminals.

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