Sample Essay

A recent study in theUniversityofMinnesotaidentified a variety of factors that are important in identifying which employees are more likely to stay in a company. His model integrates a variety of features that are important. The approach to integrate various factors into a model has resulted in the creation of a more whole and complete model which is more accurate in its conclusions.

Another research suggests that making sure the smooth working or the integration of HR and operational policies will contribute more greatly to the success of the organization rather then implement positive elements of each ( for eg: teamwork, lean production supply chain management) separately.(Birdi Clegg 2008)

An integrated and contingent approach takes into mind the complex nature of humans and the work environment in which they function, and is therefore a more appropriate and realistic approach to the problems faced.

The contingent and integrated approach is far more appropriate to the changing work environment then a traditional more stagnant approach.(Konchaff Chalykoff) This approach allows for more flexibility to the changing environment and is suitable to the demands of today’s work force.

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