Sample Essay

Waste is directly related to the human age. The production of waste is not new, but the production of new types of wastes with many variations is new because of the new innovations of technologies and social circle of human life. The composition of it has changed according to the advancements and development of time frame and technologies. With the passage of time, the quality of waste has become more toxic, hazardous and dangerous for the human health and environment because of the increase in the population and industries around the globe.

In general and for simple understanding waste can be classified as:

  • Household waste
  •  Industrial waste
  • Commercial / business waste
  • Agricultural waste
  • Others (construction / mining / nuclear / warships /etc)

(Referred from derfa report on types of waste in waste strategy 2007)

Waste generated can be classified as complicated as needed and can be as simple as mentioned above.  For this report Industrial waste will only be considered and later discussion will be more specific to waste generated from industries.

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