Sample Essay

Script Kiddies

The experts write code and those who just want to have fun or tease others download these programs and with intentions to use others efforts they could use these scriplets. They modify them and play around causing others severs problems at times.


This trend is getting popularity and has been exploited by many militant groups worldwide is their access to the internet technologies. Many terrorist have used web to post their messages and emails to communicate their motive. They have posted videos of hostages and messages of their suicide attackers to clearly hide themselves out. Such utilization of communication technologies by people having gain political advantages by using computers refers to the community of hacktivists.

Some security experts say IM is following the same patterns shown during the development of e-mail attacks. These include the use of tricks to encourage victims to click on virus laden attachments or hyperlinks to Web pages that upload applets to either infect visitors with malware or drop unwanted software on their computers (Neal Leavitt, 2005)

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