Sample Essay

One research stresses the importance of tipping as a social norm that simultaneously affects the behaviors of individuals involved, directly or indirectly, factors shaping this behavior, the overall importance of tipping as an economic force, and its impact on the various environmental forces shaping the society. Literature reviews were conducted to facilitate the process. It is felt that the duration designated to literature review should have been more and that experiential research should also be conducted in such scenarios allowing more vivid information, as well as thoughts and opinions about this phenomenon and its overall impact.

The second research identifies the relationship between service quality and the extent of tipping. The beauty of this project has been to identify how multiple faceted relationships exist at the same time between the two and how the overall process changes, when any of the factors changes. This research was more extensive and direct in its approach. A significant amount of time was dedicated to preliminary research, with considerably small duration dedicated towards the experimental model defined for studying the relationship and the effects on service quality when controlled through the extent of tipping.

These projects differed in their objective of determining the usefulness of literature review process and the information available. While the first research project only served the purpose of providing interpretive information, the second one, being more elaborate, ensured that it is both interpretive, for researchers and simultaneously deductive / directive, allowing researchers to suggest new models for having a greater understanding of this social phenomenon that has become largely important part of the income of the individuals involved.

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