Sample Essay

Tunisia has invested in the biomass industry to huge extends and is one of the 5 countries who produce 25% of solid biomass in the world. This way, we could conclude thatTunisiais responsible to produce around 5%-8% of the total solid biomass imported in the world.

Tunisia has managed to come to this point globally because of the fact that it understands the importance of technology and modernization which created the air of awareness of the need for solidarity and efficient coordination as a whole to demolish poverty, hunger and inflation and to study the main causes of all these problems. The government ofTunisiaidentified very major risks which were associated with Bioenergy and then did several tasks to solve them accordingly and promote Bioenergy while eradicating all the issues involved in the Bioenergy (Mason, WBED 285).

            ( The government ofTunisiahas always put forward the modern technology of Bioenergy investment in front of its national set priorities. Its interest in the political and social reforms have made the investments easier for the Tunisian government and encouraged it to move ahead with other developing countries.  In short, the government ofTunisiahas a very strong hand over the diagnostic research n the climatic, agricultural and food issues faced by the world; and it is working with all other countries to help the world in modern development and also to handle the issues faced at present for a better future.Tunisiahas laid great investments on annual basis just for the sake of promoting agricultural, industrial, domestic, global Bioenergy reforms with the combination of effective Bioenergy production working while taking care of the environmental aspects involved with it.

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