Sample Essay

The staff is very much resisting the idea of the new redesigned KM centered office structure due to the ‘trap of success’ (case study, p.4). They feel they have a productive, interactive and a comfortable environment that they have worked in before and there is no need to redesign. Although the management is using and ad hoc approach to avoid any slacks due to the lack of sufficient KM within the company, the staff fails to see any growth opportunity, rather sees it as a wasteful idea as they have not seen the dark side yet!

Due to the matrix structure being followed in the many offices, the technical staff such as electrical engineering has been left floating between the hierarchical lines. And the competency level of the technical staff has declined due to this (case study, p.4)

The Decision Taker is the senior management that is our client, who has taken the decision to consult the project team to develop a solution for the problem (Nielson, 2009). So, the project team thus, becomes the problem solver.

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