Sample Essay

An important factor in this regard is how to ensure transferability of skills acquired in the host country to good use in the destination country. A research inAustraliaindicates that investing in education in the destination country means that the skills learned in the original country become more transferable and therefore more useful to the destination country.

This is an important factor to consider because this might translate into even qualified individuals finding themselves unemployed and useless to the destination country. For example Gordon Nixon CEO of RBC talks about how a number of companies refuse to accept employees who have no Canadian training or job experience. He also talks about the necessity of a skilled labor force if Canada economic strength is to survive in today’s increasingly globalized and competitive economy. Today’s economies are knowledge-based, means that workers need to be trained, and also need to be given the incentive for further training.

‘The strength of the economy, demographic shifts and globalization only serve to increase the importance of dealing with our labor challenges and capitalizing on a labor opportunity.’

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