Sample Essay

• New product arrivals from competitors with greater recognition, money, marketing initiatives, products and attractions.

• More national retailers are offering candy, gum, and mints at cash registers. Sales through these nontraditional outlets have doubled over the last several years.
• Larger Dependence on sales revenues from franchised operations, after closing down most factory owned stores after 2002.
• The slow development of the Factory Outlet Malls and availability of few venues in the top shopping malls and other attractions have established restrictions on growth.
• Inflationary pressures increased costs in all areas, including the ingredients and labor costs and taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.
• The growing wave of obesity and diabetes in America caused more and more people to reckon calories and adopt a healthy lifestyle (Sackman, 2005, 85-214).
• Reliance on seasonal sales of chocolate and confectionery industry, largest sales volume results during the Christmas, valentine, and summer holidays.
• Import controls are particularly important for the production of chocolate, because the need to import cocoa.
• The compliance of chocolate and confectionery industry of numerous regulations that encompass health, hygiene, security, and franchise operations
• Dissatisfaction with the foreign-Americanism and the expansion of western impacts in third world (Woloson, 2002, 58-99).

• Significant variations of the prices of chocolates and nuts in the commodities market due to monetary fluctuations and economic, political, and weather conditions in the producing countries.

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