Sample Essay

Green house gases known as ‘sinks’ accumulated in oceans and the earth’s crust are slowly and gradually releasing their gases leading to an accelerated rate of global warming. The oceans have been absorbing more carbon dioxide than they have been releasing and this has paved way to oceans warming up as well. Houghton (20) describes the present situation as an ‘interglacial period’. Likewise, this could be attributable to the fact that Siberia’s ice is witnessing a thawing down of it’s ice which as a result has been emitting the greenhouse gas, methane.  The overall after math is inevitable for the entire human race and can now be seen into various forms such as wind cyclones, floods and hurricanes among which Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina have had a very devastating effect on many lives.

Similarly, we have known that the 1980’s and the 1990’s have been the warmest decades of the past century with 1998 being the warmest year. The year, 2005 accounts for being the warmest so far and there is great fear for the species of polar bear to become extinct soon. Therefore, industries of the world need to take serious measures of cutting down the emission of their hazardous gases.

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