Sample Essay

Just like Transcendentalism Thoreau’s book is all about going beyond the experiences that our rational mind can bring and experiencing the beauty of life and allowing it to lead us to a greater truth. In his book we can sense the presence of the ‘Divine Soul’ which Emerson talks about. This Divine Soul implies a more spiritual and intuitive divinity.

Thoreau’s work also refers to religious books again something in common with the Transcendental philosophy which drew a great deal from the Vedic philosophy of the subcontinent. ‘Walden’ is filled with detailed experiences of Thoreau’s references to nature, extolling their beauty and what this beauty inspires in him. Even the humming of the mosquito is elevated to a more profound place something perfectly entwined in his experience of the place. He talks about the humming of the birds that awakens him in the morning and how because he is the natural environment of the birds their music and what it invokes in him is totally different. For example he describes his observation of a squirrel this way

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