Sample Essay

The system dynamics theory of Peter Senge’s has some problems also as if the system follow some archetypes not the all, or if it concentrates on only four assumptions not the system thinking the  desired results would not be achieved. Also it ignores the other systems approaches and only focuses on system dynamics which again leaves the room for improvement.(Jackson,, 1995, p. 38).

The learning organization concept by Senge is based on object-oriented system modeling, presented very definite finding methods which has proven to be conceptually difficult. Systems archetypes which seem to be based on business analysis expertise, there is very little information presented by the author that how to find the archetypes suitable for the system by the designers.  Another criticism to the model is that it is not presented the evidence of the full effectiveness of modeling with the archetypes. Further development of systems thinking models and modeling is needed  to apply the concept of learning organizations completely.

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