Sample Essay

Using the theoretical framework of the study, the qualitative research methodology forms and builds the structure of the study while providing possible recommendations for the highlighted problems faced by the UTC Plc. The marketing principles have been used to determine the qualitative variables in the collected data that needed to be analysed to arrive at the solutions to the problems faced by the UTC PlcNigeria.The theoretical framework provided that the research study should encompass an analysis of the planning, structuring, integration, execution and implementation of the marketing strategies. The results of the marketing tactics employed by the top retailers in the industry have also been analysed in terms of their market value in the market, the increase in their sales revenue and the worth of their brands.

The main research study that has been conducted to recommend possible solutions to the problems faced by the UTC PlcNigeriais that of the mixed methodology. The mixed methodology approach is a research design in which different forms of research methods can be used in one study. For the purpose of the dissertation the qualitative historical research approach was used for the literature review of while a different format was carried out to gather information and data about the UTC Plc company and its operations inNigeria. A qualitative research using questionnaires and in-depth interviews was employed to gather information form the UTC Plc about their current marketing strategy, the marketing campaigns that they have launched and the type of marketing initiatives they have taken to position themselves in the market. The reason for the use of the different method for this research was because limited information was available on the retail market inNigeriaand it was difficult to get hold of the UTC Plc management to conduct face to face interviews.

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