Sample Essay

The structure of the Quran is such that the basic division’s consist of verses, 114 surah’s and around 30 books. Verses are simply sentences while surah’s can be taken as essays dealing with various issues. In order to simplify the reading of the entire Quran it has been divided into 30 books which are referred to as ‘Sipara’s’ in Arabic. Surah 17 of the Quran is therefore just one part of the Quran, however it cannot be understood fully outside of the Quran. To understand this particular Surah (Sura – 17 The Children of Israel (Bani Israel) ) it is important to understand the history and structure of the Quran, how was it written, its structure and its importance historically and as a book of Faith.

The Quran is very central to the faith of Islam. Muslims believe the Quran to be the word of God and that guidance on all matters must be sought from this book. They believe that the Quran was gradually revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, who was inspired by the Angel Gabriel who was acting according to the commands of Allah[1] (God in Arabic).

[1] Arabic, God is called Allah, a contraction of al-ilah or “the (only) god”. Allah thus translates to “God” in English. The implicit usage of the definite article in Allah linguistically indicates the divine unity.

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