Sample Essay

The role of women as being the backbone (Cisneros 2009) of civilization has been much highlighted upon with the example of World War II (Lorde 1978). Women at the time were mother, sisters, wives, nurses but in general a profound moral support for those physically at war.

Understanding self worth and learning to deal with the world of cross cultural heritage characterized by male dominance is of utmost importance. No matter what part of the world it is gender issues have prevailed since inception and are expected to do so for many years to come. Whether it’s work place or family, suppression becomes inevitable. For instance, most of the cheap labor in developing countries comprises of young girls, for instance, Nike in Vietnam or the rule of one child per family in China which most of the times paves way to killing female fetuses once gender is known, it is for the pursuit of a male offspring who would later further the family customs and become heritage to those values.

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