Sample Essay

The structure of BP is divided into 3 segments or departments to enable effective management and success of the organization (Organizational Structure, 2009).

1. Exploration and Production: This covers the oil and natural gas exploration. The management of crude oil and natural gas pipelines plus the processing and exportation in included. The company is currently exploring in 25 countries.

2. Refining and Marketing: This segment is responsible for the supply, refining, trading, marketing and transportation of crude oil and petroleum products to wholesalers and retailers. They market their products in more than 100 countries. The company owns 18 refineries out of which five are in USA, seven in Europe and the rest are situated in different countries around the globe. Marketing focuses on three business areas; retail, lubricants and business to business marketing and they market a range of refined oil around the world.

3. Gas, power and renewables: The gas and power business was introduced in 1999 and renewables were added in 2002. This segment has three key aims to follow: to increase the value of their natural gas products, to increase the value of their natural gas liquids (ethane, propane, butane and pentane) and to build a profitable business of renewables. They market their natural gas products and liquids mainly in North America,UKand parts of continentalEurope. They are trying to tap into new markets for development in parts ofUSA, inSpainand parts of Asia Pacific region but mainly inChina. The company aims to reduce overall emissions and is working on the development of hydrogen fuel technology (Employee treatment, 2009).

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