Sample Essay

The National Security Council (NSC) is the principal forum of the president and exists to maintain a secure stance for the US citizens and their homeland. It is facilitated through the discussion of national security and foreign policy matters with advisors.

NSC has been effective since the 1940’s, from the reign of President Truman when it was established under the National Security Act of July 26, 1947. Every government has made a reflection of it policy making and management style, thus, The National Security Council was the need of the hour after the Second World War.

For 62 years it has been a highly effective forum that is chaired by the President of the State and has undergone amendments with respect to changing needs of foreign policy and national security.

The National Security Act also aims at taking a stand for preventive measures before any adverse situation turns into a national crisis (Friedlander, 2008, p141). For instance, the president has declared 2008 as the deadliest year and has expressed concerns for the continuity of the Afghan government and the safe havens of terrorists in Pakistan (Lee 2008) which are then a continuous prey of drone attacks which the US is free to trigger. Similarly, the concern should be about who actually is funding these terrorists and how they can be eliminated from their roots rather than resorting to air strikes.

Therefore, funds should be aimed at human development by providing funds for education rather than just helping developing countries with their defense needs. The better educated a society is, the less threat it imposes on other countries.

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