Sample Essay

The motto of KPMG is;

“Bondless Markets, Bondless Opportunities”

By the end of the year 2007, the KPMG organization managed to reach to the revenue growth of around 19.81 billion US dollars which was much higher than the 16.88 billion US dollars revenue of last year 2006.

As observed by the management of the company, credit crunch, collateralized debt obligations, structured investment vehicle and sub-prime crisis became the top headlines and major focus point of the regulators and business boardrooms around the globe (Bolisani 376).

The audit services of KPMG made a remarkable increase of 13.3 percent which is 9.39 billion US dollars. The revenue growth in the advisory services also had remarkable growth due to the companies merger, acquisition activities, heightened regulations, enhanced focus on the risk management and performance improvement. Tax services also experiences variable growth to 20 percent which is around 3.99 billion US dollars.

In 2007, 120 member countries grew at the rate of 4 percent economic growth rate which prove that today, globalization has taken place and the economic marketplace has actually become bondless for KPMG. But, KPMG is still working on improving in the areas of making more efforts so that people could be trained on new trends and standards, such as; accounting, academics, regulators, issuers and most importantly, investors (Annual Review 2007).

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