Sample Essay

Things just do not happen in days, the root cause of Al Qaeda camps in Pakistan can be dated back to the time of the Cold War when during the reign of General Zia ul Haq, massive migration took place from Afghanistan to Pakistan and since refugees penetrated beyond the refugee camps, people mingled in nearby cities and were not just restricted to the borders. For a country that is not fully sufficient to facilitate human development and infrastructure, what could it promise to the refugees other than abode, thus, the root cause of evil erupted. Secondly, since the borders comprise of mountainous regions, invasion could be deemed easy. Thus, an amalgamation of terrorists springs up.

Therefore, as far as the priorities are concerned, the government should take preventive measures so as not to kill innocent people, women and children while making sure that teenagers being trained in terrorist camps are not trained to spread terrorism but caught to be taught to become contributing members of the society. Similarly, as the government has announced the release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners, a serious concern erupts as to where they should be sent to . . . To their respective countries or treated as individuals carrying equal rights to fight for their existence?

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