Sample Essay

As in American society it has been estimated that by 2025 the population of elderly, Asian, Afro-American and Hispanic will not any more in minority, so their needs and wants also be classified on cultural and demographic grounds in order to fill the gaps of supply and demand in future ( Kotler & Keller, 2008). Identify the target market, analyze their demands, and devise the strategies to meet these needs is a practice to materialize the opportunities by most successful companies.

Another justification of this strategy is that marketing is not the creator of social structure nor is the responsible for any social crime; it only decreases the lack of personal choice and information for a particular segment of society. It the personal will of groups and individuals to use or not to use a product. Marketing research used by companies to unveil the personal intent, product/ service motivation, and post buying behaviour of the consumer. The issues they address are of ultimate importance to the community, and sometimes they are in severe need of the service, as they lack the home environment in the host countries.

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