Sample Essay

In our present discussion of QP, the core values as mentioned in the mission statement of the organization aimed to achieve directorate citizenship with clearly defined characteristics, the two most prevailing metaphors for this joint venture decision are Proactive leader ship, and Collaborative Culture. Our major metaphor would be proactive leadership which can be defined on the above grid as unitary and complex in nature, i.e. people can share values and interests on individual basis which would affect the organization in complex decisions. Whereas, collaborative culture will be the minor metaphor, which takes us to pluralistic complex scenarios as QP is an international oil company, the main cultural elements are diverse and part of organization as a whole.

           The elements of leadership can transform management styles in more viable systems in such a way that core values should be embedded in the culture of the organization. Culture at QP is diverse, versatile, and contemporary with a touch of rigidity and conservative approaches of middle eastern culture of Gulf States. In the following analysis the application of system thinking methodologies are going to be tested on these metaphors.

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