Sample Essay

This write up on systems methodology is presented on Qatar Petroleum, the leading oil company of Qatar, discusses the holistic approach of interaction and system design developed to face the issues of social systems. The methodology we adopt to solve gives us a way to manage chaos and understand complexities in decision making process.

The basis of our discussion in system of systems methodology (Jackson, 2000, p.94) which is based on interaction four constituents of systems thinking, these include

• Holistic Thinking is the analytical thinking consists of structure, function and process, each is

the core concept producing enormous information and knowledge.

• Operational Thinking involves understanding of chaos and complexity to overcome the      difficulties of complex mental models.

• Systems Theories is a socio-cultural description of systems, comprises of five principles

• Interactive Design generates a feasible structure for enhancement of holistic thinking

These components combine to create a proficient and exhilarating methodology that helps in dealing with emerging challenges of socio-cultural systems in organizations (Checkland, 1990, p.230)

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