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Also a part of the book are the sexual symbols. For example the stake being symbolic of the phallus. However Professor Miller believes that perhaps at times a wooden stake is just a wooden stake. Even William Myers despite his assertion that the book is erotic in content also states that it is important to note that our interpretation depends on the time we live and all the movies depicting Bram Stoker’s Dracula as intensely sexual are bound to do this because today’s movies require that they do and not necessarily because the book itself is that sexual.( For the Purity of Our)

In conclusion it can be said that book does allow for sexual connotations and despite Bram Stokers denial it can be said that repressed sexuality is a part of the book. This allows for an interesting conclusion by Yu which states that the book is symbolic of the fear of sexuality resulting in the Puritan Work ethic. The feminist perspective states that it can be linked to suppression of specifically female sexuality. A scene considered representative of this is the staking of Lucy who is so sensual and voluptuous before the staking and is purified and redeemed after its There is of course the sexual symbolism in the book.

However it is important not to over-interpret or read into works simply because it suits the age in which we live.

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