Sample Essay

Supply Chain Management (SCM) can be understood as the cycle of procedures which provides the evaluation of the finances flow, product flow and information flow of the materials of the company which moves in a specific process to provide information starting from the supplier to manufacturer, manufacturer to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer, and finally from retailer to the customer.

 (Frazelle 5) The purpose of the Supply Chain Management possessed by the Dunkin Donuts is same, which is to provide the information flow of material used by the company, flow of information, and flow of finances among different levels of the organization. Dunkin Donuts has become world-wide and an internationally renowned famous outlet whose main aim is to provide high quality food products to its customers on daily basis. For this, it has to support its Supply Chain Management process with full diversity and modesty.  The Supply Chain Management of Dunkin Donuts also aims in to minimize the inventory for the ease of the company and its working processes, which involves synchronizing and amalgamating these flows within and among the companies.  Different areas involved in the Supply Chain Management of Dunkin Donuts would be presented in the upcoming topics in the following.

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