Sample Essay

Gasoline vehicles are the most viable and common transportation. The fuel source of gasoline automobiles is widely available. Almost all the gasoline based vehicles releases green house gases which spread certain diseases and pollution. 30 percent of the total pollution is due to the green house gases discharged by gasoline vehicles.

Several other drawbacks in using gasoline vehicles include ozone layer damage, rainforest destruction, and increase in global warming. Gasoline vehicles are easy to obtain and purchase, and they are widely used and people are well known with the usage of it. Automobile companies have now succeeded in manufacturing gasoline vehicles which consume less fuels, are environment and human health friendly (Zhao 35-113).

Hybrid Ford Explorer is one of Ford’s best selling SUV’s for its best providing gas mileage and promises of 50% fuel usage improvement. It in maintaining safe environment and less pollution because the amount of gases released is way less than gasoline vehicles. They do contribute to the green house effect but it is very less in quantity as compared to the gasoline vehicles

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