Sample Essay

The research study also contributes directly to the retail industry by comprehensively providing a set of successful strategies for marketing. These strategies can be employed by other retailers in the industry to better brand and position themselves in the market.  The study highlights the innovative, successful and profitable strategies that can enable the retailers to adopt similar marketing programs for better results.

The main audience for the study and the dissertation is the UTC PlcNigeriaa retailer inKadunaBeach. However, the nature of the study and the results that it highlights provide recommendations to the UTC PlcNigeriaalong with other retailers in the international retail industry on the successful marketing programs that can be launched to better position and brand themselves. This can benefit the retail companies to increase their brand value and worth and also increase their sales revenue by attracting more loyal customers.

The problem is the lack of market awareness and market positioning of the UTC Plc company. The research will examine the best performing and most successful marketing strategies being used in the retail industry by the global market leaders. This is to introduce and reveal innovative strategies that can be employed for branding and positioning in the Nigerian retail industry. The marketing strategies of retailers like Wal-Mart, Harrods, Next, ASDA have also been studied and modified to propose recommendations that can work for the UTC Plc Nigeria Company. The research method used for identifying successful marketing strategies is a mixed research approach including qualitative historical research and primary research using questionnaires and in-depth interviews.

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