Sample Essay

The need to do carry this point in this dissertation was raised because organizations have changed their way and niche of operations all around the globe. They have develop themselves in several particular areas in which they could raise their voice and show their capabilities among other competitors present where they could prove their existence proudly in the marketplace with high level of developed, deployed and exploited core competence. Through this level of competence, organizations can easily get the target of becoming matured business specialized parties where they could be considered as sustainable business running organizations. This is the technique adapted by several multinational organizations and those companies who intend to become famous multinational organizations with flying colors. (Gutierrez, 2003) The main reason why the management of several companies are adapting the strategy to become competence and sustainable in respects of business is because the customer needs and customer views have changed with the passage of time. Previously, the expectations of targeted customers were different as of today. Now, according to the current inspections and study, the customers expect more than before and it is the basic necessity of every business running organization to reach to the maximum level of satisfaction of their customers. Many companies who have changed according to their customers’ needs and requirements have succeeded with high performance and revenue ratio. Companies keep evolving and changing their management and marketing strategies and the product characteristics just because they want to reach up to the mark set by their customers and so that they could develop competencies to be remarkably known and reached by their customers. This is why companies try their best to become core competence; they need the help to become sustainable in respects of business and performance (Gutierrez, 2003).

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