Sample Essay

There is some strength attached to the safety culture maturity model. This model is very supportive and useful for the construction industry of Hong Kong. The safety culture maturity model helps the companies in improving the overall performance of the construction companies.

It also emphasize on incorporating, supervising, communicating, committing and managing the tasks and employees while taking care of the risk, safety, competence and healthy environment for other employees. The safety culture maturity model helps the construction companies in foreseeing the future development and position of the company in the marketplace.

                However, the weaknesses involved with the safety culture maturity model is that it does not emphasize very much on the leadership capabilities of the management and supervisors of the construction company which as a result, creates communication gap among the working staff and the upper management of the company. Apart from that, the safety culture implementation is not practices wholly and solely in the construction environment which creates unsafe, vulnerability and risks for the workers onsite.

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