Sample Essay

Fairwood Fast Food had 12 years history inHong Kongrapidly growing businesses, since the first Fairwood Fast Food restaurant was established in December 1991. It’s well renowned as assisting mostly Chinese food and its list is often altered with cyclic favorites. Despite its Chinese predominance, Fair’s list is enriched by the adoption of Western bowls that have been mindfully redesigned to match “localized flavors” in alignment to enhance its attractiveness (Hermanson, Houston, 2007, 137-152.). In Hong Kong, Chinese very fast food outlets can be counted on the appendages, Fairwood Fast Food is one of the most well liked Chinese very fast food restaurants.

The first Fairwood Fast Food restaurant was established in December 1991 with the total number of the workers was 57. In decades of development, the total allowance of the workers has expanded to 300. “Training is an investment” said Mr. Lee, supervisor of trading department of Fairwood Fast Food outlet, “we do supply teaching to new workers undertook by outlet managers. Even management employees, we do often supply learned techniques to them in order that they may come by more abilities, information and proficiency to assist to our company.” Further more; most of the Fairwood Fast Food restaurant management employees are skilled and educated (Green, 2006, 67-70.). Thus it can be glimpsed that Fairwood Fast Food restaurant sufficiently concentrates on employees’ development. Besides that, Fairwood Fast Food restaurant often charters out-of-doors trainers or professionals to observe and assess job presentation of the employees.

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