Sample Essay

Mason (2001) has described the socio economic differences through a conflict perspective where light has been shed upon the inequalities prevailing not just regarding unemployment for socially acceptable people but also among imprisoned African Americans and between the genders of their own ghettos.

Andrew Wiese (2005) explains about racism and African American urbanization in ‘Forbidden Neighbors’ in the wake of post war time period. It was a time when house even building efforts used to get scrutinized vigorously especially in terms of what race the owner would belong to. Much paved way to racism and issues of whites and blacks in that time period.  The author’s sensitive stance and research have revealed history with regards to urbanization.

Wiese mentions the issue facing Eddie Strickland, a black Clevelander about his property rights when he was blamed of illegally employing used lumber. Subsequently, he was threatened with arrest and taking over his investment which implied even losing the single story he had built so far, in spite of him arguing in favor of the new lumber. “I’m going to build a home on it (his land) or die in the attempt.” Strickland furiously argued.

However, it turned out to be a futile attempt to fight not just for property rights but also for the right of being an American as Woodmere officials took victory in barring black owners from their rights of owning property or building houses in the suburbs.

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