Sample Essay

Based on Real company current business activities and the behavior of confectionery manufacturing industry, I recommend that the Real Chocolate Factory continues its growth strategy through additional distribution channels. But in view of the rapidly changing local and foreign markets, now is a good time to reflect on improving their image. The business of traditional candy recipes is not an attraction for the modern, contemporary design wave sweeping the nation. A new line of chocolate products and gourmet caramels increase the attractiveness of a new and modern life style. Moreover, the fact that the company has no corporate website offers a lagging position in the booming dot-com era (Lodge, 1997, 6-21).

        New product development is an extension approach. All new products are associated with existing products and capital on the latest knowledge in production and marketing… The new products are items such as sauces, syrups, fondue, and coffee, and wellness products. These elements are sold in stores and online and as part of the gift baskets.

The new corporate website will be a high level of service and meet a variety of gifts needs. A Company’s website, will position the company in a stronger and better standing with its franchisees and customers nationwide. New products that are not in areas where transactions take place will also become available online, will enable Company to increase brand awareness and sales.

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