Sample Essay

The several strategic ways to be used for fulfilling the global demand of food and food security are (et al Ringler):

  • Developing analytical framework for every country and highlighting their major crop and feedstock productions
  • Carrying out more agricultural research, and improving the quality of research and sustainability factor of agricultural productivity

  • Policies should be made for separate production of food and crop cultivation for humankind and then separate for biomass production purposes
  • Supporting the strategy of international trade policy for the food security in the future
  • Improving and safeguarding the arming lands where the crops and feedstock are cultivated
  • Taking care of four dimensions of food security which are;
    • Accessibility
    • Stability
    • Availability
    • Utilization
    • Adequate diet
    • Safety
    • Acceptability
  • Food production should be increased to minimum ratio of twice or thrice around the globe
  • Water management should be carried out properly with strategic planning
  • Strategies should be set for proper meat production and cereal cultivation as well

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