Sample Essay

R&D department and marketing department have not always worked together. This lack of unity creates an environment where the R&D department is focusing on making products for which there is not a viable demand in the market. So an important and major element of their strategy was to create this unity amongst various departments and units. The strategy cycle of the Strategy office was key in bringing the goals of different departments into one line (Johnson and Nisita, 2009).

Strategy implementation encounters a major pitfall in terms of employee attitude. Very frequently employees do not understand the strategy and see it as bureaucratic nonsense which will not contribute positively to organizational efficacy and success (Business Balls, 2007). To cope with this problem Merck did two important things. One was that senior level managers were involved with explaining strategies to employees. Research has repeatedly indicated that involvement of senior managers is important for implementation of any real change in the organization. This is simply because when serious managers are involved they are able to explain strategy better in the broader context of the organization and also it indicates to employees that the company is taking the new strategy seriously and their future in the organization is linked to implementation of the strategy.

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