Sample Essay

Various strategies have been used by the retailers to brand themselves. A strategy that can be used by the multi-brand retailers to successfully brand themselves pertains to combine the emotional and the functional relationships to arrive at benefits for the customers and the business. This approach gives the multi-brand retailers a customized identity and personality. “Two on-line grocers, Webvan and, are among the many multi-brand retailers seeking to build brands around the emotional benefits–a life free of humdrum tasks like grocery shopping–that functional benefits such as convenience, assortment, and rapid customer service can provide.” (Henderson & Mihas, 2000) Another strategy that is useful for retailers for successful brand building is to put the customers and the brand in close proximity. “For the sake of customers’ convenience, the office supply competitors Staples and Office Depot, for example, have begun putting smaller stores in more locations, expanding the definition of the brand by giving the consumer access to a killer assortment of goods through whatever format or channel best suits a given transaction.” (Henderson & Mihas, 2000).

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