Sample Essay

She was lucky to have found a reliable connection. She had heard reports of people losing huge sums of money when trusting unknown brokers with this job. Although Chi appreciated her mom’s efforts, inwardly she suffered in silence. She hoped that her new “parents” would be kind and welcoming towards her. On arriving in Los Angeles, she felt very lonely. Her mother’s Korean friend was very empathetic and understood her feelings. When she was enrolled in school, she was unable to do well.

Although she had been an A-grade student back home, here she was failing in most of her subjects. She simply did not feel like studying. She seemed to have lost interest in everything. She had known it would be difficult but this was worse than she had expected. Her mother’s friend recognized in her the signs of home sickness and worried about her.  The only times she felt happy was while talking to her family back home. She wanted to go meet them, but could not, because the immigration laws required her to spend at least two years with her new ‘parents’ before she could be considered for citizenship. She wondered whether she would ever be reunited with her family. It was much later that she became aware of the advantages to her due to the decision made by her mom so many years ago. Now as she contemplates about her life, she feels much more content. In some ways, she considers herself to be luckier than her old school mates still living in Korea. She has been joined by her brother and they hope they will be able to bring their mother here too. She conjectures that what appeared like a nightmare years ago has turned out to be not so bad after all.

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