Sample Essay

The movie of course carries behind it the poetry and tragedy of the European romanticism. Beauty is traitorous for those who are influenced by it, and those who are virtuous and noble are punished with a tragic and unfulfilled life.

At the time the that this play was written the naturalist theatre was considered to be high art while this play was ‘populist entertainment’. But now it has been upgraded to the importance of a classic play. Even though this movie recreated 17th century France well, according to critics this is not very relevant now. However in my opinion the historical background and context is more important than just the flavour of the movie it influences the type of characters that the author has developed. Although I think Cyrano’s character is still very appealing today in the movie as it was then when the play was written there are certain inflexions impacted by the time peiod in which the story has been written. It can be said that the movie is beautiful with excellent acting specially that of Gerard Depardieu and has been passionately directed. The story-line is beautiful and still manages to move an audience today.

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