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The model of Black Mouton Managerial Grid can be implemented in the company by following three steps:

  • Step 1: To identify and verify the workers’ opinions and perceptions of safety culture in the construction industry with the help of questionnaire

  • Step 2: To evaluate and assess the grade on which the employees are required to work on and also to determine their relevant grid position and placing
  • Step 3: To identify and recognize the areas through which the construction industry ofHong Kong could be improved


There are various classes of workers involved in the construction business inHong Kongwhich are described as under:


  • Site Agent: A site agent is the person is very well versed with the civil engineering and building structures. Site agent is fully responsible for managing and supervising the successful execution of constructive work on sites and performs liaison with the senior upper management for proper projects implementation
  • The Foreman: The position of a foreman is entirely related to supervising staff. Foreman is the person who is professional enough to take care of the subordinates and controls the lower staff for proper execution of work and reports their progress to the upper management
  • The Technician: The role of a technician is also very crucial with respect to the construction industry as he is the person who is related to handle the circuit and system malfunctions technically. Technical is usually very skilled person who knows a lot about the methods and techniques of the construction works
  • General Worker: The general worker is the person who gets training from his supervisor and works as he has been told. The ratio of general working staff is huge in the company who takes care of the constructive work and does the implementation work, rather than planning and leading others

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