Sample Essay

The needs of the wants of a customer do change when a product is promoted effectively.  This statement does hold water in a lot of situations. Let me give you an example. A lot of computer hardware firms sell a printer, scanner and photocopier in the form of a combo.  People who want to purchase a simple printer are more likely to buy this combo when they visit the store if this product is marketed well.  This is the purpose of sonic marketing.  Companies try to modify the needs of the clients through powerful marketing activities. This increases their sales.

This form of marketing does not work always as certain customers are very specific about what they want. Companies do not use it for all product categories. It may be used if a product does not have good sales figures.  Through colorful commercials, a better image of the product can be created.

Do marketing managers use sonic marketing as an essential component? This marketing alternative is implemented when the standard procedure does not work. Mobile and internet marketing is a very fast way to reach customers.  Most of us check our mobile screens several times in a day.  Email marketing may not be as powerful as mobile marketing as websites have scanning systems. If you get an email from an unknown address, it is sent to the junk folder.

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