Sample Essay

The solution for dealing with the barriers present in adopting the core competence and sustainability factors could be difficult for the company and management to adopt, but they are not impossible to retain. To develop in the industries of power generation and automobile in the united kingdom and Africa,

 the companies present in both the regions would have to follow some strategic patterns according to which; they would have to comprehensively identify the barriers and analyze the worth of the changes which should be incorporated in the company, the turbine and automotive industries would have to design the implementation plans through which the relevant priorities, timescales, activities, resources available, targeted goals and responsibilities would be set. Apart from that, the company management would also have to create adequate understanding and good communications skills among the employees and management through which they could gain the commitment level from the employees. The company should also manage the resources available to the organization so that better quality could be delivered to meet the customer needs, requirements and their expectations which are set to the company’s reputation and environment.


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