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Humiliated by the defeat, Rezon, in the reign of Solomon, continued the harassment and aggravation. Against Damascus, Solomon fortified Hazor, and gained control over the crossing of the upper Jordan. He built fortresses for his horsemen and chariots in the Lebanon region (1 kings 9:15, 19). Rezon is never recorded as winning anything. It is obvious from the rest of Scripture that Solomon remains steadfastly on the throne, and it is not until his son’s reign [Rehoboam] that the Kingdom divides. Rezon’s only gain appears to be the constant troubling of Israel in the same region that David took back the borders.

Outside of these difficulties, Solomon’s relations with neighboring kings were amicable. and he was able to devote himself to the organization of his kingdom and to construction of the greatest religious sites. Solomon’s empire became a center of learning and prosperity.

Years before Solomon’s death, his heavy taxation of the people brought unrest and rebellion. Surrounding nations began to marshal their forces to free themselves of Israel’s tyranny, but the most serious uprising came from within the nation itself. Jeroboam, a young leader who had the support of Egypt, led ten of the twelve tribes out of Israel to the North. When Solomon’s son Rehoboam ascended the throne after his father, Jeroboam returned to lead a successful civil war against him. The result was a division of Solomon’s United Kingdom into two separate nations – the southern kingdom of Judah and the northern kingdom of Israel (Kingdom of Israel)

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