Accor was included in the four-benchmark socially responsible investing criteria of the Dow Jones sustainability indices. It has been recognized internationally for its sustainability policies. Its corporate social responsibility is roote in each of the stages of its hotels; from the designing, construction to operation.

It has a well established environment charter covering all aspects of the environment with periodic improvements on new knowledge. For every five towels used, a tree is planted. By mid 2010, 1000 hotels linked with Accor have financed the planting of more than a million trees thanks to the support of the employees and customers. The company further intends to strengthen its attractiveness as the world’s leader in hotel employment. It aspires to make an increased effort and assert itself more as a place of learning and social advancement. The company has also realized the need to go green in all its product development. This is a viable tool for marketing and it also improves the global environment.

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