Sample Essay

It is almost automatically that when a wrong turn in made or even something as small as being unable to park or the parking is improper, the response is that the driver must be a woman and that women are incapable of driving well. What this kind of attitude of society towards female does is that it becomes into a self fulfilling prophecy because it affects the self esteem of women drivers and they actually become careless drivers on the road (Chicdriver). Many videos and instances are presented both online and in conversations to poke fun at women drivers.

According to a research by David Gerard at Carnegie Mellon University, after analyzing road traffic in 2007, it was revealed that male drivers are 77% more likely to die in a car accident than women (Borenstein), thus proving the age old stereotype wrong. It is often surprising to see and hear that at times, women belittle other women drivers themselves which shows just how strong the indoctrination of women being bad drivers has penetrated into our mindset. Due to such biased attitude of the society towards females, it comes as no surprise that women find less satisfaction in their careers and are usually subject to hindrances in promotions up the corporate ladder due to the glass ceiling.

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