Sample Essay

Being a woman is the beauty that should be felt inside rather than shaping up to the accepting pressure of the outside world, while accordingly written down by Chernik (1995) being beautiful meant tall, blonde and skinny which consequently means being under fed as well. It’s eventually the magazines and the fashion world’s corporations that make a woman feel this way.

Puberty needs to be understood and blended with to respond well not just to the surroundings but to oneself as well while growing women might not come to terms with related issues. Failure to do so usually results in weight related diseases such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa. The overall impact is not just on the body but also on self esteem, relationships and shattering self identity urging the physical self to regain it’s potential. Though the feeling is characterized by societal acceptance, much to the dismay of nutritional value, it means the withering off of the entire physical structure. The much applauded look indirectly means a severe blow to the personal self worth.

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