Sample Essay

A social institution could be any institution which possess the implementation and promotion of the social position of an entire group which as a result, strengthens the social bonds between people of same communities and help them to perform some social roles and responsibilities. If brought in easy words, it means the efforts that everything carried out with mutual cooperation in a society in order to socialize a certain group of people or community is known as social institution (Jonsson 2007).

            Daily life examples of social institutions are many; it could be carried out through educational institutions, religious institutions, economic systems, political infrastructures, families and governmental systems.

            The desire to have social interaction through social institutions is quite simple and understanding. It is human nature to live together being socialized because according to a saying:

“Man is a Social Animal”

            Social institutions are there since the very old times and would remain here till the end of the world. People always tend to live in groups and communities ad it is their dominant and basic nature to create socialize bonds with each other.

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