Sample Essay

Mike Waterson, the CEO of Silicon Techtronix, visibly upset with the performance of the robotics division in their last two experimental models CX10 and CX20, threatens to shut down the division, unless they prove success in face of launching their new CX30 industrial robot, ensuring active delivery to Cybernetics Inc. by January 1.

Ray Johnson, who heads the robotics division, wants to make this launch a success and timely. He introduces his ‘Ivory Snow Theory’ to the team that suggests that perfection is not what is required in a project. Simultaneously, he adds 20 more resources to the team to ease up tasks and deliver on time, by pulling up resources from other units, to balance the workload in meeting the deadline set by Waterson.

Sam Reynolds is the new project manager for the CX30 robot, appointed directly by Waterson, to manage this project, replacing John Cramer, previously the project manager on the CX30, due to his sudden demise. Reynolds has over three decades of experience managing projects in the data processing arena, where he has proven his competence over and over again, using the famous Waterfall model of the software development lifecycle that ensures the entire process, comprised of a series of stages, is run only once and the client is not involved till the very end of the project.

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